Download PCAD

Evaluate PCAD for 30 days for FREE!

When you download PCAD on your computer you are allowed to evaluate it for 30 days for FREE!


JAVA version 5 or higher must be installed on your computer, and it must be running.

If you are not sure if JAVA is installed and/or running, click here to check. Once JAVA 5 or higher is installed and running, download PCAD.

Download PCAD!

Current version: 2.02


Shortcuts to launch PCAD will be installed on your desktop and in the All programs menu, in PCAD submenu.

You can also launch PCAD by going to the Control Panel, then in the Java program. In the General tab, under Internet temporary file, click on View to show JAVA cache. In the cache dropbox select Applications : PCAD will be displayed in the list. Double click it to lauch it.

Try PCAD for FREE!

When you download PCAD you are allowed to evaluate it for 30 days for FREE!

You can buy PCAD at anytime during your evaluation period: just clck the Buy! button displayed when you launch PCAD (this button will be displayed even if your trial period is expired).

When your evaluation period will be expired you will have to buy your licence to continue to use PCAD.

The only restriction of your FREE evaluation copy of PCAD is: you can only open and edit projects created with your evaluation copy (a licensed copy of PCAD can open and edit any file).